Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

IBEW Local 400 Training Center

IBEW Local 400 JATC
3301 Route 138
Wall, NJ 07719

IBEW Local 400 is approaching its 100th Anniversary, and in that time it has a long standing promise of training and safety.  Providing some of NJ’s most skilled and qualified electricians has been the commitment of our JATC and its staff.   Our JATC facility is located in Wall, NJ and provides training to hundreds of Local 400 members, through our Commercial Apprenticeship program, Journeymen and Telecommunications continuing education classes and our relationship with N.E.A.T.,  for Linemen training and development.

Our classroom training facility is home to five state of the art classrooms, which resembles that of a higher education learning atmosphere, providing an all-digital curriculum accessed through laptops and online resources.  We provide hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of tools, testing equipment, machinery and lab settings, all of which are used as both visual learning aids and for hands on training.  Our apprenticeship is a five year program, which is a combination of 40 hours a week of on the job training as well as one night a week of classroom study and one night a week of hands on shop classes.  The classroom courses prepare the apprentices for what they will be experiencing on the job and the shop classes allows them to practice and master their skills.

The shop classes are provided in both our indoor facility and outdoor sites.  These classes grant those attending access to real on the job circumstances.  The JATC is able to place a student in any situation from residential wiring, intricate conduit bending, motor controls, high voltage splicing, rigging, and in depth fire alarm installs all under one roof.  Our outdoor sites provide our members the ability to train on a larger scale.  We have created a solar training facility that resembles that of a typical residential install.  The trainees will be on a pitched roof, installing panels, wiring the devices and terminating into the utilities service.   We provide on-site man hole scenarios for safe and proper confined space training.  Our JATC is also the home to N.E.A.T.’s linemen training classes.  We have a dozen utility poles installed on premises, outfitted with transformers to create real life high voltage circumstances.  To stay on the cutting edge of the industry we have created an example of a wind turbine tower.   This will allow our members to prepare for the rigors of climbing and working at high altitudes as the landscape of electricity is ever changing.

Training does not stop after the apprenticeship; continuing education is mandatory and all members must maintain the required training hours.  This is how we stay the leaders of the industry.   All of our members have access to classes throughout the year.  Some of the fields that our JATC offers continuing education in:  Instrumentation & Controls, OSHA 30, Lull, Skid Steer and Trac certification, Crane Operation, Confined Spaces, Conduit Bending, Motor Controls, PLCs, and Electrical License Updates.

As not just New Jersey but the world looks to technology to provide alternate means of power generation, high efficiency lighting, reduced power consumption, larger digital data capabilities and an upgraded electrical infrastructure, it will be those trained and prepared at the highest level that will meet the demand.   As we look to the future, IBEW Local 400 JATC looks to continue to meet these demands, by beginning to design and build our new 10,000 sq. ft. training facility.